Relax in the knowledge that your perfect coffee is in the best of hands with our own specialty coffee trained professionals who are absolute masters. Tuck into our delicious selection of cakes and savouries, freshly prepared for big and small appetites. Whether you’re meeting friends, after ‘me’ time, working or entertaining, Podium Place has it all: Comfy furnishings, specially designed workspaces, unlimited WiFi and FREE parking. Plus, if you need to rapid-charge your electric car, we’ve installed a DC UltraFast 50kw Charger with two CCS 5m cables. Park in one of our two charging spaces and enjoy a delicious specialty coffee before you set off.

For when the journey matters as much as the destination. Gaze at our spectacular cars, browse paintings by renowned artist Paul Oz, and marvel at the theatre of coffee-making. If you’re feeling adventurous, try our simulator challenge. Discover what it’s like to race through the streets of Monaco in a Formula 1 car or take on a circuit of your choice on the full-motion simulator.

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Opening hours

      • 8am – 4pm
        • 8am – 8pm


      • RG14 5SH

PODIUM x Per'la Specialty Roasters

Savour the inherently beautiful flavour of our fresh coffee, roasted in-house by Per’La Specialty Roasters. The finest coffee beans meticulously sourced and expertly blended. If you’re on the go, take away and lift your day or make each day at home special by ordering your favourite Per’La Specialty roasted coffee beans.

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