Hyōshōdai【表彰台】| Quarterly JDM Car Meet

🌸 Join us at Hyōshōdai – the ultimate seasonal Japanese car meet! 🚗💨

With one booked each season, choose from 4 JDM dates in the 2024 Podium calendar. 🎌

Experience the thrill of JDM culture and immerse yourself in the world of Japanese cars. From classic beauties to modern powerhouses, all cars are welcome at this exciting event.

Spend the day at Podium Café, sharing stunning rides and connecting with fellow JDM enthusiasts!

All vehicles are welcome.
First-come-first-serve parking.

📅 Hyōshōdai 2024:
Sunday March 31st, 2024: Sakura Season JDM Meet 🌸
Sunday June 30th, 2024: Summer JDM Meet 🎏
Sunday September 29th, 2024: Autumn JDM Meet 🍡
Sunday December 29th, 2024: Christmas JDM Meet 🎄

表彰台 | HYŌSHŌDAI | [pronounced: HYO-SHOW-DAI]
noun | ‘winners’ podium, victory stand’


Mar 31 2024


8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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